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 Corporate Culture

Mission and Wish

ZhongFu will become the well-known investment company with a stable professional team, excellent performance and core competitiveness.
ZhongFu investment will achieve success with specialty of brand, services and excellent performance, not by scale.

Core value
ZhongFu always attaches importance to company's long-term development and multi-win situation. Brand, customers, employees and resources are precious wealth of our company.

Work idea
Every customers, collaborators and even employees are all partners of ZhongFu. We are willing to establish long-term and good cooperation with each partner to grow together.
We adhere to treating customers fairly and heartedly by our specialty image and ability. Creating and increasing value to customer are basis requests for every one of ZhongFu.
The company approves the employees who are diligent and realistic. The achievement is not sole criterion to check employees, but it is practice truth to measure employees’ comprehensive ability and individual value.

Team cohesion
In ZhongFu, customer interests and the interests of team will always prevail over individual interests forever.
We encourage and require the staff to be independence, but the spirit of teamwork and cooperation is working doctrine and guideline for ZhongFu people.

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